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Develop Trust – Candid

As humans we have remarkable skills that, often, we are not even aware of. Our eyes, ears, and even our nose and body detect signals that we don’t necessarily notice consciously. But our brain processes those signals … and it makes assessments based on them.

Yes, you can trust that person or Be careful with that one, something’s not quite right.

It’s common to attribute those assessments to intuition, especially when events suggest our intuition was correct.

Our great leaders know that our brains will detect those signals; that we’ll know if they’re working in creative ways with the truth. They have a developed awareness of the signals in themselves.

They have learned their own signs of when they are being incongruent and have learned how to be candid with themselves to bring themselves back into alignment – congruency.

Then they can speak truth – and be candid with us. If the way to the vision has challenges they willingly acknowledge those challenges and, simultaneously, speak with certainty about the resources that they and others have to face those challenges.

Their candid way of being – even sharing their vulnerability at times – becomes a source of deeper trust from others and energy for those others. This opens a way for those listening to truly know if they are aligned with the speaker’s vision.

You also can trust that they draw the distinction between objective facts and “truths” that are subjective. They know, for example, that the simple word “challenge” evokes different responses: some hold a challenge as a wonderful thing; others can perceive it as something to worry about.

The authentic leader can speak to those differences and remind us of the shared values that inspire the vision that we work towards. With wins and successes, they gratefully acknowledge the dedication and contributions of all who were involved.

Thanks to their authenticity, you know where you are with these leaders. When you share in their vision, you truly know why you’re doing that.

As a leader, you may now be asking “How exactly do I enrich my self-awareness and develop greater self-mastery of this capacity in myself?” We have created, and will continue to craft, unique practices for you to do just that.



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