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Leading with Vision – Direction

If someone is leading, we might suppose that they have some guiding direction. Otherwise, how would they know what decisions to make and actions to take?

It’s vision.

Now, we might be tempted to respond with something like, “Yes, but I’ve known leaders who didn’t have an obviously clear path, but they got us there.”

A great leader’s vision doesn’t contain every detail of the final conditions. Nor does it necessarily have clearly defined, minute steps along the way.

It’s a vision of a desired state. That may well contain some details of the physical circumstances to be created but, more importantly, the leader will be clear about the state of being that is to be created.

Our great leaders know why they are creating a new set of circumstances, and they never lose sight of that. They use their vision to inform decisions.

They know the direction they need to take, and they also know that getting to the desired state requires navigation and adjustment to manage challenges along the way.

Keeping their vision as the guide and, most importantly, knowing why they have the vision is what sustains their energy and their focus. While the physical circumstances facilitate the desired state, it’s that desired state that is the vision.

What does it really provide?

What values are being fulfilled: a sense of achievement; refreshed creativity; a world of compassion and fairness; a place where everyone involved can be nurtured?

Answering these questions is the very essence of having a healthy vision.

It's only then they can invite others to join their creation journey. They also know that others’ motivations may be different in details from their own, but they can recognise when there is commonality and can articulate that. Then they inspire others to join in creating the desired state.

You may now be asking “How do I develop a vision?” You might be surprised how easily you can with our practices which help you discover your deep motivations and how you can see the manifestation of those.



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