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Present with Certainty – Clarity

We could ask “How can we have certainty about anything?”. In a world where uncertainty abounds.

There is uncertainty about: the global financial situation; when the current pandemic will end and what the next one will be; whether we can arrive at a sustainable world; and much more.

Yet in this broad context, our great leaders present with certainty; and that certainty allows them to speak with clarity. How?

There are always things that are certain or we can be certain about; what is deeply important to us, what we're willing to focus on, where to devote our time, energy, and attention, and why we will do that. Compelling leaders do this as a matter of course. It's this knowledge that enables them to speak with clarity as well.

Certainty is not a preternatural ability to predict events or to be able to tell us a project plan in fine detail in advance of taking action. It’s the certainty that knows why the navigation and adjustments on the way to realising the vision are worth the focus, attention, and devotion.

Clarity follows on naturally from this deep knowledge and guides decision making. It enables focus and precision in research and problem solving. And the clarity is there in communicating the rationale for decisions, explanations of reasons for actions, and anticipated outcome of those actions.

To ask others to engage in that act of creation the vision and the real reason – the why – must be communicated, with certainty and in a way that activates the values in others.

It starts with knowing oneself, which great leaders are continually pursuing. From deep self-knowledge comes the ability to clearly present their vision with certainty of its purpose and benefits.

But, how do you discern exactly what you can be certain about and speak clearly about? The unique practices we have created, and continue to craft, help you recognise what you can talk responsibility for in the midst of uncertainty.



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